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    BAWAR offers a Sexual Assault Counselor training annually in the Fall for Spanish-speaking advocates through our Latinx Program. If you speak Spanish, would you prefer to do the training in Spanish through our Latinx program? (see for more info)

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    Why are you interested in becoming a state-certified sexual assault counselor? Why do you want to work with sexual violence survivors?*

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    What is your personal history with sexual violence? Are you a survivor? If so, where are you in your healing process? How do you think this intensive training on sexual violence issues might affect you?*

    Working with these issues can be stressful. How do you take care of yourself and manage stress? What is your support system like?*

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    We have a minimum 9-month volunteer commitment of 36 hours of on-call time each month after you complete the training and receive state certification. Will you be able to fulfill this commitment?*

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    24-Hour Hotline in English and Español:  (510) 845-7273

    Bay Area Women Against Rape
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    Hours: M-F, 9am – 5pm PST (Excluding Federal Holidays)

    Office: (510) 430-1298