BAWAR’s ECHO Program (Educating Community through Healing and Outreach) provides knowledge and resources about sexual violence to Alameda County that reflects the diverse community it supports. 

Presentations & Training 

Topic and length are customizable; fees may apply (see rates, below). Every presentation will include information about all of BAWAR’s services. All trainings are offered in English and Spanish.

Common topics include:

  • What is Sexual Violence? (40-60 minutes). What is sexual violence? Who are perpetrators? Who are survivors? What are the myths associated with sexual violence and how and why are they perpetuated? Addresses the impact of sexual violence on survivors and defines Rape Trauma Syndrome. Includes brief overview of the criminal justice system and how to support a survivor.
  • Affirmative Consent (15-35 minutes). Defines Affirmative Consent (and what it is not). Explores differences in the Affirmative Consent standard versus the legal consent definition.
  • Bystander Intervention (40-90 minutes). Explores psychological barriers to stepping in; supplies the audience with a variety of tools to intervene in a harmful situation.
  • Human Trafficking 101 (30-60 minutes): Focus on sexual exploitation of minors; the history of human trafficking in Alameda County and how it’s perpetuated; what to do if you suspect someone is being exploited. Designed for professionals, students and law enforcement.
  • LGBTQIA+ Training: (30-60 minutes): This training focuses on the specific barriers and needs of survivors in the queer community. Professional offices interested in learning more about creating inclusive environments and particularly how to support queer survivors, benefit from this training.
  • Professional training (~90 minutes). Custom learning goals for each audience may include tools for responding to disclosures of sexual violence and supporting or working with victims; information on the impact of trauma from sexual violence; and more. Tailored to any audience that will have to deal with the effects of sexual violence as part of their work (e.g. law enforcement, social work/medical students, RAs, teachers/professors).

Speakers or Panel Representatives: BAWAR staff offer valuable contributions to conference panels, speaking engagements, movie screenings and other public discussions of sexual violence. If your event highlights or hosts a conversation on sexual violence, BAWAR staff can contribute an advanced, educated, survivor-centered understanding to the discussion.

Confidential Advocacy/crisis support at an event: If your event deals directly with sexual violence and there is concern that survivors in the audience might be triggered, you may request a BAWAR advocate be present for crisis support. Please note: This requires (1) promotion or public posting of our helpline number at your event and (2) a private space where an individual can receive support. If you are not sure whether your event might benefit from the presence of an advocate, please call 510-430-1298 to discuss with a staff member. BAWAR advocates cannot provide confidentiality on middle and high school campuses.

Information table. If you would like to offer BAWAR as a resource at your event, you may request a BAWAR advocate to distribute information about our services and answer questions about our agency. We require a minimum of 30 days notice in advance with a two week response period.

*If your event is less than 30 days away, we cannot guarantee availability. If you would like informational literature only (and not a representative), please call 510-430-1298 to make your request.*

Community Education Rates:

  • $200 flat fee for speaker or training. $350 and up for customized training curricula. 
  • No charge for public middle or high schools.
  • Fee waivers available upon request and awarded on a case by case basis

*We are committed to providing education wherever possible. If your organization does not have the funding for the rates specified above, please contact us anyway. We will get back to you to discuss options.
To book a training, presentation or speaker contact the BAWAR office 510-430-1298 or send an email to We look forward to working with you.

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