Community Message Regarding In-Person Accompaniments:

Due to the unfortunate impact of COVID-19 we are prioritizing the health & safety of our advocates and are only able to offer remote accompaniment crisis counseling and advocacy services via phone at this time.  Additionally, we are working with other advocacy teams across Alameda County to provide the best care for survivors during these uncertain times. If you are looking for support please call our crisis line at 510-845-7273 or email and we can provide you with the most up-to-date resources and information.

The Sexual Assault Response Team (SART) is a coordinated response to sexual assault. This team and program were created to offer a survivor-centered, multidisciplinary, and collaborative response to support those who have experienced sexual violence. 

Alameda County SART is composed of:

Law Enforcement (responding officer and investigator)
Physicians Assistants and Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners
BAWAR SART Advocates
Victim Witness Advocates
District Attorney

BAWAR’s SART advocacy services are offered when someone who has experienced sexual violence has initiated the reporting process at one of 14 Alameda County Police Departments or at a SART-certified hospital (Highland Hospital in Oakland and Washington Hospital in Fremont). Our advocates provide support throughout the police interview and possible forensic medical exam. Afterward, our follow-up services offer ongoing support through future accompaniments at the police station and/or in the court system. SART follow-up also includes assistance with Victim’s Compensation applications, in-person peer support, and counseling, referrals to BAWAR clinical counseling, and referrals for services outside of BAWAR.

Although our SART services are often offered upon reporting, participation in the legal system is a personal choice and BAWAR SART advocates support whatever decision feels right for the survivor. Participation in the legal system is not a requirement to receive support from this program, and the option to access BAWAR services is available at any time without a time frame.

If you are interested in speaking to one of our SART advocates, you can call BAWAR’s office at 510-860-7342 or email If it is safe to do so, please leave your name, number, and whether it is ok to say BAWAR when we return your call.

24-Hour Hotline in English and Español:  (510) 845-7273

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