Flyer has a black background with 6 hands interlocked with hearts on them and the organization logo in the bottom right corner. It is titled Resource to Repair: Collective Healing After Trauma. Bawar is hosting a 10 week virtual workshop series focused on developing the tools, practices, and foundation to heal from Sexual Violence Trauma among other survivors. This series is open to women, femmes, non-binary, and female of center folks. The group with have a capacity of 10 and particpants are expected to attend all 10 weeks. We will meet on Zoom every MOnday from 6pm-8pm Beginning Nov. 16th 2020. If you or someone you know may be interested please follow the link to register for a pre-screening! Once you have registered you will be contacted by a staff member to go over more information regarding the workshop series!

Resource to Repair: Collective Healing after Trauma is a 10 week virtual workshop series for Survivors of Sexual Violence who are women, femme, non-binary and/or female of center. We will meet every Monday from 6pm-8pm for 10 weeks. to register and speak to a staff member please visit: